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Polyurea is becoming the go-to choice for Oil & Gas Pipelines and Power Systems across the country.

There are virtually unlimited uses for Polyurea across many idustries, but some of the early adopters have been heavy duty industrial power plants, oil & gas refineries, mining and geotechnical services, as well as water and wastewater treatment plants. Polyurea can handle the pressure of repeated heavy industrial use, and is quick to apply and return to service, as well, making it perfect for rehabilitation projects.

Polyurea works for Potable Water, too.

The days of needing a slow-curing Epoxy or Polyurethane coating for Potable Water storage tanks are over. Because pure polyurea has no VOCs, and is 100% solids (meaning no solvents that might leach out), it is a perfect material for all types of potable water and wastewater containment vessels. And, if you pick the right manufacturer, the minimum vessel size can be as low as fifty gallons. That's drum size!

Miminal Downtime.

Unlike the majority of other protective coatings on the market, which can take hours (or days) to fully cure, Polyurea takes only seconds to cure, and can often handle foot traffic within 15 minutes, light vehicular traffic within 45-60 minutes, and heavy traffic after 2 hours. This makes it one of the quickest solutions for protective coatings on the market today.

Green Power.

When you're using 100% pure polyurea, the formulation results in a completely inert, zero VOC, 100% solids material. This means there is no dangerous out-gassing of solvents or other catalysts, nor is there a chance the material would begin to react with the environment in a way that would make the coating break down. Polyurea is truly environmentally friendly.

Infinitely Configurable.

No matter what your application needs are, there is a polyurea formula will meet your demands. Some formulations are designed with specific physical properties in mind: high elongation, minimal shrinkage, high abrasion resistance, or flame resistance options are available -- all while keeping a quick turnaround and remaining environmentally-friendly.


Tunnel Waterproofing

Any below-grade waterproofing applications are perfect for Polyurea protective coatings.

Wastewater Treatment

Polyurea withstands harsh chemicals and UV exposure of wastewater treatment facilities.

Reflecting Pools

Use UV & color stable polyurea coatings for beautiful, long-lasting water features.


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